Friday, February 25, 2011

To Clean or Not to Clean?

That has been the question. Here at Smart and Trendy Moms, we are trying to figure out just how much to help our kids with cleaning their rooms. We'd love to hear what you require of your kids when it comes to cleaning up.

When you have kids, it goes without saying that you have tons of toys, sports equipment, and basically junk that needs to be organized and cleaned. We have been asking around and have discovered that things range from moms who don't have the kids clean anything to kids who are totally responsible for their own rooms and everywhere in between.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Marika Magic Uplift Sports Bra

Workout clothes that are comfortable, trendy, and help you look good?  Believe it or not, it is possible. The latest trend in workout wear is shape enhancing active wear that can help you look better (and feel better about how you look) before you even get to the gym.  And when you are feeling good, it's so much easier to workout.  I was very excited to find Marika fitness.

Friday, February 18, 2011

{Knork Flatware}

Here is another one of those "wish I would have thought of it" ideas - the Knork, a combination knife and fork. It looks like a normal fork. However, it has a curved, beveled edge that allows it to rock back and forth to cut foods and a wider area on the side just above the tines to apply pressure more easily. It is also slightly heavier than most flatware, but definitely durable and unlikely to bend.  My only complaint is that it takes up more space when stacking in the drawer.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

{Crystal Light } Take Time for Yourself Every Day #CleverRefresh

Thanks to Crystal Light for sponsoring this post. To learn more about how Crystal Light can flavor your day with 30 refreshing flavors, visit

Unfortunately, as moms, we often feel as if we are being selfish when we do things for ourselves; but when you take that little bit of time for yourself, your whole family benefits. When you do something that is just for you, you're happier, rested and recharged, with more patience to deal with life's challenges.
Here are some ideas that have helped me fit in a few minutes of daily "me time":

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

{Big G cereals teamed up with Hot Wheels} + Giveaway

In my home we eat tons of cereal. The kids love it for breakfast or as a dry snack and my husband and I love to have it for a late night snack. My son loves Hot Wheels, but more then that he loves eating his cereal every morning! I am thinking its pretty awesome that Big G cereals have teamed up with Hot Wheels. They are now offering collectible Hot Wheels® pullback racers inside specially marked boxes along with a unique access code to the Hot Wheels® Racing Circuit! My son was so excited to get the Hot Wheels with some of his favorite cereals! He loves his pull back racer and has had fun at breakfast! You now have the chance to WIN the 5 boxes of cereal below!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I love finding my kids unique and fun toys. ZombieZoo has a fun line of plush creatures that are completely fun and unique. They are unlike anything I have ever seen. Each one has their own personality and style. They have a living-dead look to them, but still really cute and appropriate for kids. These are far from the fluffy pink plush animals that my daughter already has. I knew she would love Boo the cat. Boo is the leader of the zoo and he also loves to read. My daughter loved reading about all the animals on their website, and loves to read with her cat Boo.They have amazing detail and stitching. They stand 12-15 high and are made of really soft and durable material. You cannot help but love these big headed animals.

Friday, February 11, 2011

{Free Blog Buttons - Valentine's Day}

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Valentine's Day Buttons
Smart and Trendy Moms- Free Buttons and Blinkies
Smart and Trendy Moms- Free Buttons and Blinkies
Smart and Trendy Moms- Free Buttons and Blinkies
Smart and Trendy Moms- Free Buttons and Blinkies
Smart and Trendy Moms- Free Buttons and Blinkies
Smart and Trendy Moms- Free Buttons and Blinkies
Smart and Trendy Moms- Free Buttons and Blinkies
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I have found my new favorite cookware - Xtrema Cookware!  It is healthy, environmentally friendly, durable cookware.  I got the chance to try the 10" covered braiser/skillet and I love it.  They have a whole line of cookware, teaware, bakeware, woks, and non-stick skillets.

Xtrema cookware can be used in the oven, stove top, broiler, microwave, freezer, and with its pretty glossy finish it's nice enough to be used on the table as a serving dish as well.  I love this because it means fewer pans to clean which saves energy and time.  Yay!  And clean-up is also very easy.  It is totally scratch resistant and can be scrubbed without risk of damage or it can be put into the dishwasher.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Who doesn't love it when the guys in their life look great? We recently discovered great clothing company for men and boys called 191 Unlimited. They offer stylish well made clothing for men including shirts, jackets, ties, fedoras, and blazers.  And they also have 191Kids which has stylish shirts for boys. (Their website says that they will soon be expanding to a full collection for boys in the near future.)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

{Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie's Masquerade on DVD 2/8+$5 off coupon}

Do your kids love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ? My kids sure do. Next to Mickey himself my kids other Disney favorite is Minnie. She has always been both of my daughters favorite. The newest Disney DVD we have in our collection is Minnie's Masquerade. My youngest both loved this DVD, and are quickly wearing it out. The best part is that it also works the Mickey Mote. My kids always have a blast with their Mickey Mote. It keeps them busy while teaching positive messages to my kids. My kids join Mickey and Minnie in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse everyday on the Disney channel. I am thrilled to have some of the episodes on DVD(and so are they).

Monday, February 7, 2011

{CSN Stores }

We love CSN  Stores here on Smart and Trendy Moms. If you are half as busy as I am then you will at some point find yourself shopping online. CSN makes shopping online convenient, fun and best of all they have over 200 stores carrying over a million products. Everything from home decor, housewares, cookware, toys, bedding, laptop messenger bag and so much more. Shop easy with CSN Stores and only have one online shopping cart. Have fun checking out all they have to offer and keep them in mind for your holiday shopping!

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