Friday, February 18, 2011

{Knork Flatware}

Here is another one of those "wish I would have thought of it" ideas - the Knork, a combination knife and fork. It looks like a normal fork. However, it has a curved, beveled edge that allows it to rock back and forth to cut foods and a wider area on the side just above the tines to apply pressure more easily. It is also slightly heavier than most flatware, but definitely durable and unlikely to bend.  My only complaint is that it takes up more space when stacking in the drawer.

A fork with the functionality of a knife is a very cool idea! And it actually works. We got a chance to try the set in matte finish which is really pretty. (you can get matte, glossy, or duo which is glossy top and matte handle). Most of us use our fork to cut things anyway, and the knork is specially designed to make that work really well.

The Knork fork works great to cut most foods including most cuts of meat. Thicker or tougher meats were more of a challenge to cut, but Knork does offer steak knives when you need extra cutting power (or maybe I just need to spend a bit more for the more tender cuts of meat, lol).  The Knork fork would also be great for people with a medical condition – like a broken arm or stroke – that would make handling a knife and fork together difficult.

Knork offers complete flatware sets, 4-packs or individual knork forks, serving utensils, and steak knives. (They even offer plastic and outdoor knorks for camping.)  You may be wondering if the Knork will cut your mouth like I wondered when I first heart of it, but it doesn't. It isn't a sharp or serrated edge. It is a beveled edge that is curved to allow it to rock back and forth so it can cut. It can also be used left or right handed. This high-quality, durable flatware with the unique and creative "knork" fork is definitely worth checking out.

Go to the Knork website to find out more or you can connect with Knork on facebook or twitter.
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