Thursday, February 17, 2011

{Crystal Light } Take Time for Yourself Every Day #CleverRefresh

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Unfortunately, as moms, we often feel as if we are being selfish when we do things for ourselves; but when you take that little bit of time for yourself, your whole family benefits. When you do something that is just for you, you're happier, rested and recharged, with more patience to deal with life's challenges.
Here are some ideas that have helped me fit in a few minutes of daily "me time":
  • Schedule "me time' during nap time - Moms tend to use naptime as time to get caught up on everything. However, that's a great place to find 15 or 20 minutes for yourself. It's fine to save a few chores for when the kids are awake.(They can even help - sing to the baby while you fold laundry, give your toddler or preschooler a rag to help "clean" while you do.)
  • Have "quiet time" when they are too old for naps - Even when my kids stopped taking naps, we still had "quiet time" when they would lay and rest, look at books, or quietly play with toys in their rooms on their own.
  • Shop at stores or workout at a gym with childcare - You get a chance to shop or exercise while your little ones are right there in the building.
  • Take a Walk - kids in a stroller are usually happy to look around and enjoy the world, while you get exercise and some time to think.
  • Sign up for a class - Find a hobby you enjoy, arrange for a babysitter, and take a class (when you have a class to attend you won't put it off)
  • Accept Help - Whether its a husband, family member, or friend, accept babysitting help to get yourself time for a cup of coffee, a lunch with friends, or a manicure.
I hope these tips help you find a little "me time."

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