Friday, February 11, 2011


I have found my new favorite cookware - Xtrema Cookware!  It is healthy, environmentally friendly, durable cookware.  I got the chance to try the 10" covered braiser/skillet and I love it.  They have a whole line of cookware, teaware, bakeware, woks, and non-stick skillets.

Xtrema cookware can be used in the oven, stove top, broiler, microwave, freezer, and with its pretty glossy finish it's nice enough to be used on the table as a serving dish as well.  I love this because it means fewer pans to clean which saves energy and time.  Yay!  And clean-up is also very easy.  It is totally scratch resistant and can be scrubbed without risk of damage or it can be put into the dishwasher.

The way that Xtrema distributes heat is awesome too. It seems to take a bit longer to heat up, but once it does it seems to distribute the heat very well.  I have a electric coil stovetop that usually burns things where the coils touch the bottom of many pans.  It doesn't do this with the Xtrema pan.  It seems to be a bit more like cast iron pans with the way it distributes heat and is durable, but it's even better because it isn't as heavy as cast iron, is easy to clean, and is pretty.

I also like the way it retains heat which helps to keep food hotter longer.  We have a bit of an unpredictable dinner schedule and it is nice to have a longer time period that the food stays hot without having to re-heat.  I was awsome in the oven right away, but it did take some getting used to on the stovetop.  The way the pan holds heat makes it not adjust as quickly when you turn the burner down so you have to turn it down a bit sooner if you need to simmer.  Not a big deal once you adjust to it. You can find some "how to" tips on cooking with Xtrema's pans on their website here.   The few adjustments to cooking with Xtrema are well worth it. 

I am also working on being more green, and I love the fact that Xtrema cookware is 100% green, 100% non-toxic, 100% metal free.  I don't have to worry about the pan releasing any chemicals or metals into the food my family eats.

Here are a few images of some more things from Xtrema:

Visit the Xtrema Cookware Website to see the great pans they have to offer.
And you can connect with them on facebook and twitter.

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