Wednesday, January 5, 2011

{Scunci Hair Accessories}

I have a huge love of hair accessories. My hair is very long and keeping it up, back or styled is often a problem. I solve that with my mass amount of accessories for my hair. One brand I have always loved in Scunci. I buy their products for myself and for my 2 girls often and we are never let down. They have everything available from basic to sophisticated. I love how fun and trendy their products are. It's so convenient that I am able to buy them for myself and that they have Scunci Girl for my daughters. I always know I am getting a good product that is perfect for any style.

I use their Evolution hair ties everyday as a great way to quickly put my hair up. They are comfortable, durable and best of all they keep my hair in place without damaging it! For a more dressed up look I rock their Scunci Upzing double combs. Made from two combs and beads or fabric in the center, it offers a great way to keep your hair placed all day. With over a dozen style possibilities,you really can can create a look for any any hair style! You can view all Scunci products here!
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Lin said...

Their no slip-grip hair ties are the only one's I use cause they dont tug or break my hair :)