Thursday, December 3, 2009

Zuvo Water Purator Review

Concerned about the safety of your tap water? Tired of spending tons of money on bottled water, while feeling guilty about the effect of all those plastic bottles have on the environment? I know I am!
Zuvo has sent me one of their Zuvo water purators Model ZPS130 Brushed aluminum metal finish to review. I drink a lot of water, up to two gallons per day. I have been really excited about trying a product that reduces potentially unhealthy contaminants in my family's drinking water without compromising great taste.

They are available in under the counter models and above the counter models. I chose the above counter system. It sits up on the counter and connects to the faucet. I would normally choose something that could be hidden, but the sleek style of the Zuvo Water Purator fits in perfect in my kitchen. It was fast to install and before we knew it we were seeing the Zuvo Water Purator in action. You can see it working, and the kids love to watch it. If you install under the sink, I imagine you would spend a lot of time with the cabinet open so you can watch it. It delivered fresh filtered water right to my tap. There was minimal noise from the unit. The water tastes fresh and delicious.

According to the company, The Zuvo Purator, uses a five step process that consists of ozonation, UV Light Exposure, photo oxidation, carbon filtration, and dual-pass UV. I don’t pretend to understand the details of all that, but what I do understand is the great taste of the water that comes out.

When it comes to the water that my family drinks, I am concerned about the quality, the cost, and the impact on the environment. Zuvo passes the test in all three areas. The cost seems a bit steep at first, but overtime, it works out to be cheaper than buying bottled water (I didn’t do the math on that one, but you can see the cost breakdown per year on the Zuvo website). As far as quality, it tastes great. And I love the fact that we are not using all of those plastic water bottles anymore!

I don’t imagine it would install well on a sprayer-type faucet so you might want to take that into consideration and get the under counter version with the butler faucet or ask about other options. My other consideration with water filters is always filter cost. According to the Zuvo website , the filter needs to be replaced every 500 gallons or every 6 months and costs about 30 dollars. And with every purchase one is included and the company will supply your first refill filter for free. Doesn’t seem too bad to me. Overall, I was very pleased with the Zuvo water purator.

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