Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"What are Your 5 Favorite Holiday Activities to do with Your Kids?"

My family and I love the holidays, So many great and fun things you can do with your kids. My kids are getting older so my holiday activities change a bit from year to year.
My top 5 things I do with my kids for the holidays

1. We love to string popcorn for tree decorations, We never get tired of doing this.The little ones will enjoy this on this year!
2. We love to come up with new and fun things to decorate our snowmen with, kind of a game on who can come up with the most unique item.
3. Making holiday cookies was my favorite as a kid, and now is my favorite with my kids.
4. We really enjoy making paper snowflakes, all sizes and colors. We decorate the house and windows with them.
5. Decorating pinecones is a must for my kids and I, we like using glitter, paint and anything we can find, we put these on the tree!

I would love to here what you guys do with your family during the holidays.
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Annie said...

I love making paper snowflakes! I also love singing Christmas Carols with my little girl, her smile is priceless!

I have to say I have never strung popcorn, but I'd love to try!

Have a happy thanksgiving!

Bridget said...

I don't have children of my own, other than my dog that is. LOL However I DO have nieces & nephews.

Here's my top 5

1. drive around on a cold night & look at Christmas lights on the houses.

2. The kids sleeping over my house, staying up late watching movies & eating junk food

3. Making snowmen

4. Playing with the kids & their new toys.

5. The love we share at Christmas & all year long.
this is actually my #1