Friday, August 26, 2011

{Aurora Softy Soakers Giveaway}

If you have read our blog then you may have read some of our reviews on Aurora toys. We have always loved their products and all my kids do. My kids love their YooHoo and Friends and Milly the Pinkest Kitten. And right now they are celebrating their 30th Anniversary this year, and are releasing a plush collection. These however are not regular plush toys. They actually grow when placed in water. The first in the collection is the Fanta-Sea assortment. This collection will include Dolphin, Seahorse, Turtle, Hammerhead Shark, Octopus and alligator.

My kids were excited to get the Seahorse and all my kids had to do was place the Softy Soakers in water and the plush expands from practically nothing into a full size, eight-inch plush animal. With a little towel drying they soon had their very own sea creature. They really had fun trying them out and could not be more excited about trying the others in the collection. They are really affordable at only $10 each and can be found on their website!

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