Friday, September 16, 2011

{Time Island }

All of my kids love online games. They will play as long as I let them and they love finding new games to play. When I heard about Time Island I knew my oldest daughter would have fun playing it. Time Island is a virtual game online where your kids will play and use their skills to survive. They are responsible for keeping their fed as well as maintaining hygiene. All set on on a lush island and also has games and adventures along the way! My daughter has enjoyed playing it and with it being in beta there are even more features and fun to come.
We were able to have a few of her friends over for a little Surviving Time Island Party. The kids really had a great time. We handed out Band Bracelets, Stickers, Temporary Tattoos and played themed games all with surviving in mind. We had some great refreshments and fed the survivors themed snacks and treats. Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves and the kids that never heard of the game were very excited to try it for themselves. You can read more about the game below as well as liking them on Facebook!

Time Island is a virtual game world designed for your child’s enjoyment and learning. The game takes place on a beautiful imaginary island inhabited by strange green creatures, called the Goggs.

As your child explores Time Island, he or she will come across a variety of games to play, some of which are educational and others which are designed to challenge and enhance your child’s multi-faceted skill sets. Among these skill sets are hand-eye coordination, spatial reasoning, music, logic and mathematics.

However, membership is required to truly give your child the experience and thrill of surviving Time Island while learning and having fun!

On Time Island the underlying theme is survival in nature, which is conveyed through the multitude of virtual world activities as well as a variety of do-at-home activities. The Time Island team is committed to providing a clean and safe environment for your child as he or she meets, communicates and plays with other children from across the globe.

Curse words are automatically banned from Time Island, while site managers ensure that Time Island is free of cyber-bullying and other inappropriate subject matter. Children and parents will be warned if rules of behavior are broken, and if need be a child will be removed from the site.

Strict guidelines promoting appropriate and non-threatening behavior will be diligently enforced to protect your child.

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