Monday, June 13, 2011

{Neat-Oh! Hot Wheels™ZipBin®Toybox Playmat}

With three kids my home often feels like a very messy toy store. Sometimes I cannot get my head around how many they actually have. They seem to be playing with something different all the time and finding ways to keep them organized is always a challenge. For me the ultimate way to keep them organized is to make it fun. And that is why I totally love Neat-Oh!. They have the coolest ZipBin® Mats that zip up and  fold out. They are much more then a fun way to store their toys. Some of them are also available with your kids favorite toy or character on them.

My 3 & 5 year old love Hot Wheels and I knew they had to have the Hot Wheels™ZipBin®Toybox Playmat from Neat-Oh! This thing is the ultimate for your little Hot Wheels fan. When unfolded they get to play on the wonderfully designed mat with their cars. Just zip it up and they have an awesome way to take their favorite toys with them everywhere! My son has always packed his cars with him out to the real race track to watch his daddy race and now he officially has the coolest way to take them with him. We love it! I also really love that they wipe clean really easy. It is easy enough for him to open it and zip it back up when the playing is over!

They have many cool things available for boys and girls! Some of them include LEGO® Hot Wheels™ ZipBin® Products, ZipBin® Baskets, Neat-Oh!® Playmats, ZipBin® Playpacks , ZipBin® Shapes, ZipBin® Minis, ZipBin® Classics What a fun way to keep them organized and having fun. You can purchase the one shown on their website for $19.99.

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