Friday, January 14, 2011

Tips for Tweeting Your Giveaways

Tweeting is one of the easiest and fastest way to get your giveaways seen! With just a few tweets and some followers you can get any giveaway off to a great start. Here are a few tips i always keep in mind while promoting giveaways on twitter. If you have any others feel free to comment and i can add them.

  1. Have your blog set up to auto feed all posts to twitter. I use Twitterfeed. All posts will be tweeted once automatically.
  2. You are limited on characters in a tweet so keep it relevant.
  3. Always use a URL shortner or tweetdeck or add this will automatically do it.
  4. Use relevant #hashtags in your tweet. You can read more about hashtags here.
  5. If it is open to worldwide i always put that in the tweet(this is worth it).
  6. Make tweeting an entry into the giveaway. If more than one time daily put limits like (2 times per day at least 1 hr apart).
  7. Make a tweet for entrants to copy and paste so all tweeted will be how you want them. Use your @twitter in that tweet so you can reference it.
  8. RT your entrants tweets when you see them on your @ screen on twitter.
  9. If your giveaway is sponsored, add the sponsors @twittername in the tweet as well so they can help tweet!
  10. Use your computers notepad or similar to save your tweets for easy copy and paste.
  11. Use Add-This on Mozilla for quick tweeting from your blog.
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Texas Type A Mom said...

This was VERY helpful - thank you! I just signed up for Twitterfeed!