Friday, December 31, 2010

{Tips for Hosting a Giveaway on Your Blog}

Hosting giveaways can be really fun but time consuming. When hosting a giveaway there are things you can do to make it more fun for you and the readers that come and enter. If you have any other tips or suggestions feel free to comment!

1. Save a copy of your giveaway entry post section in a computer notepad of your choice
(This makes it so easy when you have a zillion giveaways going on :)

2. Keeping the giveaway portion of your posts consistent is important. Who wants to have different rules on different giveaways on the same blog?

3. Staying organized in general.

4. Include who the giveaway is open to in the post.

5. Include when it ends.

6. Clearly state the giveaway prize.

7. Clearly state Mandatory Entry

8. Making text links to sponsors is really important. I have seen alot of blogs just forget this.

9. Create a information gathering poll about your blog and give an extra entry to take the poll.

10. Give an extra entry for telling you how they found your giveaway.

11. When giving entries for things like twitter and fanpage make them linkable. You only have to do this once if you save your blog posts html in a notepad as stated in tip 1.

12. Check for spelling errors. I see some crazy things:) Have even done a few...

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Kayla said...

Wonderful post, I am getting ready to host my frist giveaway and I am very glad you posted this, It will be a great help! Thanks! Kayla

One with many names said...

This is very helpful information. Thank you for sharing and Happy New Year's Eve!

Now if only I could get something to host a giveaway for!

Amy said...

Thanks for posting this! I never thought that about keeping the rules consistent, but I think I'll stick to that in the future.

My Fitness World said...

Thank you for posting this. I'm thinking of hosting a giveaway. I'm so new to all of this. I really enjoy blogs with blogging tips on them.

Ashley Rae said...

Thanks! I have a question, how do you pick a winner? Is there a program that will do it for you or do you have to write everyone's name on a piece of paper and draw from a hat?

-Ashley Rae
-The Fainting Goats