Thursday, July 29, 2010

{Giveaway Reminder Ending Soon}

All of these giveaways can be entered until 12am on 7/31! There are so many awesome things to win and the best part, you can win more than once! Happy entering!

{Diamond Knot Bangle/U.S+Can}
{Kids Graffeeti Shoes/U.S+Can} 
{Infinity Iron/U.S+Can} 
The Brag Company
{Bra Bag/U.S+Can} 
Birdie Boots
{$25 G.C/US only} 
Hard Candy
{Make-up Ladies/U.S+Can} 
Earth Divas
{Make-up Ladies/Worldwide} 
What's in Stork
{Baby Gifts/U.S+Can} 
Mommy's Sweet Things
{$50 G.C/US only} 
Linkel Designs
{Styling Brushes/U.S+Can} 
Waves of Gratitude
{Nature Wave Necklace/U.S+Can} 
Luster Premium White
{Teeth Whitening Systems/U.S+Can} 
Beyond Stitches
{$25 G.C/U.S+Can} 
{Kids WaterWeek/U.S+Can } 
Gummy Lump
{Bake&Decorate Cupcake Set/U.S only}

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