Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fish Finder Math Fun - Kids Math Game

Fish Finder Math Game
Looking for an idea on how to get your child to study his or her math facts? This is a math-practice game that you and your child can make.

Your child lines up two numbers in the two upper bubbles and the answer appears in the large bubble. It is currently set up for addition, but a blank printable is available so you can make your own quiz sheets for larger number addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division.

Here’s the "set up" instructions:

1. Print the fish page and the quiz sheets from the list at the bottom of this post. (You will need the "Fish Page" and at least one "Quiz Sheet")

2. Have your child color the fish page

3. An adult should cut out the three bubbles on the Fish Page marked “cut out bubble”

4. An adult should cut a flap of paper (approx. 2 inches square), fold back just at the edge, and glue above the large bubble (This will cover the answer, heavy paper works best for this so you can’t see the answer through it.)

To use

Have your child move the fish page over the quiz sheet until two of the white bubbles line up in the upper bubbles. When two numbers are in the top bubbles, you child tries to answer the problem, and then lifts the flap to see if he is correct.
Younger children will sometimes have a hard time lining up the bubbles at first. It helps if you make sure they understand that the small bubbles will be white, and the big answer bubbles are gray.

Fish Page
Quiz Sheet 1
Quiz Sheet 2
Blank - Make your own - Quiz Sheet

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