Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sight Word Path Game- Dice Variation

Sight Word Path - Dice Variation
Here is another variation on the Sight Word Path game.
In the original sight word path game, you have your child lay the sight words flashcards out in a path, choose their favorite car/animal/little doll etc. and as the toy walks down the path, it “reads” each word.

Lisa at Tip Top Designs says that she and her daughter Carmen have added a twist to this game. In their twist, you use a pair of dice. You roll the dice and your child moves his or her car along the path. Whatever word the marker lands on, if your child reads it correctly, you remove the word from the path.

I love this  variation because by using a pair of dice, it allows you to also work on math skills since they have to add the two numbers together and count in order to know how many spaces to move.  For younger children, you could always say the math problem aloud.  I imagine this one can be done as a path or, depending on the number of flashcards, you could arrange the cards in a circle or square.

Thanks to Lisa at Tip Top Designs for this variation. Please leave a comment to let us know how this variation works for you and your child.

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Stefanie said...

what a neat idea! thanks for passing it on...

Have a wonderful New Years!

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Stockpiling Mom said...

Stopping by from MBC! I am now following you!


sally said...

This is great. I teach piano to young children and I think I could do a great variation of this where instead of words notes are printed on the cards and the children day the note name aloud.