Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Food Should Taste Good - Chip Review

Food Should Taste Good

We received some of the new chip varieties from Food Should Taste Good. I would describe these as “gourmet” potato chips. Sounds funny, but that’s what they remind me of. They have lots of great flavors (and some really unique – Chocolate or Cinnamon flavored chips anyone?)

According to the company, their chips are made with high-quality all-natural ingredients. They are gluten free, cholesterol free, and have no trans fats. They are also lower in sodium and are a good source of fiber. A chip that is relatively good for you. I like this! And the best part is that they taste good too.
For this review, we got together with all our kids and had a chip tasting party.

We tried the new flavors – Multigrain, Cinnamon, Potato & Chive, Lime, and Yellow Corn.
Food Should Taste Good - Chip Flavors
If you are trying to decide which new flavor to try, here’s what we thought:

Multigrain – These remind me of what you would get if you crossed a cracker with a chip. They have a great texture and a sesame flavor. Everyone liked these, especially Jennette’s oldest daughter. This was the bag that she kept coming back to.  I tried them with hummus dip and it was pretty good!

Cinnamon - These were interesting. Not a big hit with the adults, but the kids loved them. We tried one of the dipping suggestions on the bag (applesauce) and two of the kids loved it. These are the kind that my son wants more of. When I went to re-taste them before writing this review, my son had eaten them all, leaving only a few crumbs in the bag. (Yes, I was re-tasting. Hey, you have to be thorough right? Ok, I’ll make any excuse I can to eat chips!)

Potato & Chive - This flavor wasn’t anyone’s favorite. The taste reminded us of breakfast potatoes. We tried them with a little sour cream for dip and that was good, but they still weren’t our favorite.

Lime- These were tasty - a nice light texture with a nice light lime taste. These were the favorite of Jennette’s youngest daughter and my husband.

Yellow Corn - These were the overall favorite for kids and adults alike. A light crispy texture, lightly salted. These reminded me of the chips at a good Mexican restaurant. I even put a few in the oven to warm them, very yummy!  Good warm, good cold, and great with bean dip!

There are also lots of other flavors that we haven’t tried yet. (I’m thinking I’ll be trying Chocolate or Olive next.)

One of the cool things about Food Should Taste Good Chips is on the back of each bag, they have some dip suggestions that would go nicely with that flavor of chips. Very cool! There are also some neat recipes for dips on the Food Should Taste Good website.

The chips are available at tons of stores (click here a store finder in your area)
I love that Food Should Taste Good Chips are healthier than many other chips, they are not greasy, and that they taste good.  If you have tried these chips, we'd love to hear your opinion. Please leave us a comment. Enjoy!

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Kym said...

These sound yummy, love to try them!

Sarah L. said...

yummy! The Cinnamon sounds delicious!