Monday, November 2, 2009

Creative Fly Designz Review

Creative Fly Designz is a great little shop that has handmade one of a kind crochet necklaces, lariats and accessories. The cute little creature to our right is a Aromigurumi.

I didn't know that much about these cute little things until Amy sent me one, I was so happy to get this fuzzy, soft, and really unique creature. I picked it to be scented with clean cotton aroma beads. When I opening the package she was even more cuter in person.
 It arrived quick, packaged professionally and smelled great. These are not for children so I enjoy her right next to my computer.I really enjoy how unique and
fun it is! They are the newest collection to her store. They are hand crocheted, lightly scented with your choice of scent.
They are available at Creative Fly Designz from 5.50-8.50. They are a great gift idea and would make a rockin stocking stuffers. Many different styles,colors and scents!
You can also catch up with Amy and Creative Fly Designz on her blog, twitter.
She has a great blog with features and giveaways!
I want to thank her for the really great fun product !!


Beth Dunn said...

Sooo cute! xoxo


Club BeetleBop said...

These little guys are tooooo cute... Thinking of getting one real soon :o) Thank for stopping by our blog Jennette your comments are always welcome.

Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

I got my daughter an Aromigurumi book for her birthday and she has made some realy cute ones. I love them. They make me smile. Thanks for sharing this book. I think I'll get it for her for Christmas.

mralong said...

I just wanted to let you know that I have given you an award for being so creative!! You can pick it up at

1Aeon said...

nice one!!!

Jennette said...
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Ree said...

Love your blog and product reviews! :) I left you an a bloggy award at