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Project of the Month Club Review - Kids Project Kits

Project of the Month ClubI recently got the chance to review a kit from Project of the Month Club. Project of the Month Club is a great site that offers kid’s project kits. You simply choose a category and they send you complete craft kits at the frequency that you choose. Their website says, “We supply the projects. You supply the kids!” Cute, huh?

I enjoy coming up with project ideas for my kids on my own, but I have to admit I don’t do it as often as I would like to. Sometimes I’m just too busy or just don’t have all of the supplies together or just put off getting the supplies. (My son has been wanting to build a birdhouse for months – okay I feel a bit guilty, but I just haven’t gotten the supplies together.)

The Project of the Month Club puts together complete kits with all of the supplies that you need and ships the kits to your doorstep. I love this. It’s a great idea for busy parents who want to do projects with their kids. And when it comes in the mail, it encourages you to do the projects and not put them off.

They offer several different categories: Arts and Crafts- which includes Future Designers and Aspiring Artists, Woodworking –Master Builders, and Science – Seismic Scientists, and they have a “Mix and Match” combination category.

Project of the Month Club Categories

For this review, we tried the step stool kit (which is included in both the Master Builders and Mix and Match Categories). My 7 year-old son absolutely loved it! He worked so hard on the project and is very proud of his finished step stool. He even wanted to take it to bed with him that night! The sense of pride and accomplishment that he got from this was great.
Project of the Month Club Step Stool Project
I was VERY impressed with the quality of the kit. It came with everything we needed (with the exception of a hammer and a screw driver). It included the wood, nails, screws, a piece of sandpaper, paints and a paintbrush, and instructions. You really wouldn’t need the sand paper because the wood was smooth and in really great shape – no slivers at all. But my son loved the sanding part so the fact that sandpaper was included was great.

The wood was also pre-drilled with little holes where the nails are supposed to go which made things really easy. I loved being able to simply open the package and sit down and do the project with my son.

I love the Project of the Month Club. It takes all the work out of coming up with projects and getting the supplies together. The quality of the kit was great. I had a great time doing the project with my son, and it's wonderful seeing how proud he is of what he had made.

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