Monday, September 19, 2011

Redakai Cards - Review

My son got the chance to check out the new Redakai cards from SpinMaster. My son has the Redakai Starter Pack which has several Character, Monster and Attack cards and the X-Reader that looks like the X-Reader in the show. The cards have a whole story behind them about some kids that are traveling the world to gather Kairu energy to use it to defeat evil.  There is also a show on Cartoon Network.

The cards are similar to Bakugan gaming/trading cards. You can collect and trade and play a game with them where you attack and defend. While the rules are similar, the cards are much different. They take things to the next level of cool. The cards themselves are really neat. They have SpinMasters Blast3D technology that makes them look 3D and they appear to move when you move the card. But the best part is that instead of having to keep track of the attack and defense the transparent parts of the cards do it for you. As you stack them they track your health and damage points.

You can check out the Redakai cards on their website.

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