Monday, August 22, 2011

{Paper Jamz Pro Mic, Drum and Guitar}

My kids have not had more fun with an item as they do with their Paper Jamz. Their kid friendly fun products make it so easy for your kid to be a rock star. We were able to review the drums, pro mic as well as the guitar. All are made really great and durable and make for hours of fun. My kids really had fun with the mic. It comes with 2 bulit in songs as well as settings for Chorus, Perfect Pitch and more. My kids were not born with a singers voice but with the Pro Mic they are singing and having more fun then ever before. They can also add songs to it with the Paper Jamz Pro app.

The kids love the drums. You simply tap places on the image of a very cool looking drum set to play the different sounds. They love playing the drums in freestyle mode. It also comes with three preloaded songs and with USB cable to hook it up to the computer to download songs. Coolest feature (kid's opinion): you can turn the song volume down while keeping the drums loud. The kids love this one. They can play along with the song, but totally hear themselves. Coolest feature (Mom's opinion): It has a place to plug in headphones! I love that they love playing the drums; there are just sometimes that I don't want to hear them playing the drums. Paper Jamz has everything your aspiring musician will need to put on a great show while having tons of fun.
It was no surprise that the guitar was also a big hit with them. Combined with the mic and drums it completed their little band and they love it. My kids loved how easy it was to use, even with no guitar experience.You can also add your favorite music with the free Paper Jamz Pro app. This is such a great toy for them to make as much noise as they would like. It comes with four different modes, Perfect Play: play perfect guitar to the 3 included hits, Rhythm: Control the guitar rhythm for each song, Freestyle Play: Play real chords — create your own songs, Karaoke: Sing and play along with the 3 included songs.
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