Monday, August 29, 2011

{Juice Reboot - Part Two: I Have Begun to Juice}

If you read my last post, you will understand my reasons for a juice reboot - or maybe you won't.  I think Jennette is still convinced that I'm completely crazy, lol.  And I think I actually might be because I'm truly getting excited over juicing.

After an ordeal with tracking down the juicer that we wanted (It's the Breville Juice Fountain), we have finally gotten it.  I hope the Breville people thank the maker of the "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" documentary because their juicers are sold out just about everywhere!

So after a trip to the store and a cart full of fruits and vegetables, we have started experimenting with the juicer.  Even the kids were very excited over it.  So far we are loving it. We have tried some interesting fruit and vegetable combinations.  My husband's carrot, celery, apple juice was one of the best so far.  On my turn, a blueberry launched out the top of the juicer. So we did learn to keep the tube that you use to push the fruit down with close at hand to seal the top off right away.  Nobody wants to lose weight, be healthy, but be missing an eye from a berry projectile.

We tried lots of different juice combinations.  We had a few that were pretty good, and a couple that were just okay. The new most-used-phrase in our house is "Actually, that's not bad." (In case you're curious, the previous most-used-phrase was "It wasn't me.") It's funny because in the videos we've watched on juicing most people trying a juice (especially one that is green in color) say, "Actually, that's not bad."  I guess that tells you something about our attitudes toward vegetables and fruits.  I don't think I've ever once heard anyone say that about chocolate.

My son and I came up with a fruit recipe that he says is now his second favorite drink (the first favorite is root beer).  We juiced apple, orange, and pear and then in the blender made a mango, banana, strawberry, blueberry puree and blended them together with a little ice.  Totally yummy!  I also like the watermelon, grapes, strawberries and spinach combination suggested by Ava in a comment on My first Juice Reboot post. It's a not-very-appetizing brown color, but tastes great.

My husband and I have been eating healthier and smaller meals over the last week to get ready for the juice reboot.  I've discovered several great healthier recipes (Look for a cookbook review coming soon).  And for fun, all week I've been trying to make sure that one of the ingredients in a recipe is something that I've never cooked with before (This isn't too tough for me since I'm neither a very good nor a very adventurous cook).  It is making eating healthier a bit more fun.

I'm already starting to feel better and much more energetic.  I've also started jogging again (see my post about the awesome Daily Mile site that you can use to track your workouts) so that might have something to do with it too.  I'm getting excited about the juice reboot.

Lessons learned so far:  pour over the sink, blueberries can approach the speed of sound, and "it really isn't that bad."

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Farrielle Design and Fashionista said...

We have been using our juicer too the only thing is when we made a juice with beets it didn't taste good, where do you get you recipes, I might try some of the ones you mention in your post.

Kelly said...

Hi Farrielle-

Most of the recipes we've been using are from the Reboot Your Life website: They have a lot of good recipes and some bad ones, lol. The others we have just been experimenting with or sometimes have been trying to copy the recipes from store-bought juice combinations.

I agree with you on the beets. If you put beets in any juice, it makes it taste like dirt.