Friday, August 12, 2011

{Blog Help Series - Introduction}

Over the last couple of years, Jennette and I have discovered some blog strategies that work for us, researched a lot about the tech part of blogging, and found some ways around some of the metal blocks that can get in your way when getting your blog up and going. 

We don't mean to suggest we are in anyway experts, but we would like to share what we have learned to try to help other mom bloggers avoid some of the trial and error that we went through (Ask Jennette about the panic-filled "WHAT DID YOU DO?" emails and calls during a couple of major template revisions.  But don't tell her about the time when I messed up the entire template and couldn't find the back up, lol)

Jennette and I are real-life friends who are having a great time blogging together. Jennette started with a personal blog that she was using to promote her sewing creations.  I was designing websites, but was unsure about blogging (I'm the reluctant one).  Luckily, Jennette dragged me in to work with her, and we have turned the blog into a source of product reviews, giveaways, and parenting ideas and websites that relate to moms and their families.

We decided to try to help other bloggers by putting together a series of posts based on what we learned.  We would love it if you would comment on what has worked for you and/or ask questions about things that you are running into with your blog (even if we can answer them, I'm sure some of our awesome readers can!)

Look for the first post in our Blog Series coming soon.

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