Wednesday, August 31, 2011

{Blog Help Series - Blogging Blocks Part One: "But I'm Not An Expert"}

Sometimes whether you are just getting started or even if you have been blogging for a while, there are some "roadblocks" that can get in your way.  We've decided to begin our Blog Help Series with some of the things that can get in your way and prevent you from blogging or even getting started.

Blogging Blocks - Part One: "But I'm Not An Expert."

Unless you're writing a small family blog, feeling unqualified to blog because you aren't an "expert" is a common roadblock.  This is especially true for new bloggers, but more experienced bloggers run into this one as well.  In fact, we ran into this when we decided to do this "how to" series.
Getting past feeling like you can't offer your opinion because you aren't an "expert" can be tough.  Here's how we thought about it: We certainly don't have all the answers, but we have run into alot of things over the last couple years of blogging and do feel qualified to share our opinions and what we've learned. So our focus is to take the information we've learned and try to help someone with it.

Whatever topic you've chosen for your blog is probably something that you care about and are excited about. Based on that fact, you probably have alot to say about your topic even if you don't have a degree or tons of experience. You can think about it this way.  You don't have to have a degree in Child Psychology in order to write about your experiences as a parent and talk about what works for you.

In fact, sometimes people prefer to learn from someone closer to their experience level. I've found that especially when I'm begining to learn something, I prefer to learn from someone who ISN'T an expert.  Sometimes "experts" are so far above where new learners are that you don't feel like you can relate to them or they don't provide the detail that you need.  For example, I'm learning to play guitar.  When I am trying to learn a new song (gotta love You Tube) I try to find a tutorial by someone who is more of a beginner.  I've found that many of the "expert" players assume I know more than I do or cover something much to quickly, and I don't get as much from that as I do from a beginner who is explaining the details in depth.

There are some types of blogs that need someone with alot of experiece at something to author them (blogs about taxes, legal advice, and brain surgery are probably best left in this category).  There are also a ton of  blogs where someone who isn't an "expert" talks about their experiences and tells others about what they've learned.  Just be honest about your experience, and be yourself.  You can add your voice to the blogosphere even if you aren't an "expert".

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