Thursday, July 14, 2011

{Fun Kid Pictures and the Stories Behind Them}

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As a mom of three I have tons and tons of great pictures of the kids doing just about everything. I try and take my camera with me everywhere we go. Some of the pictures I take are like making the kids smile and stand together quietly while I get that one shot of everyone smiling (this is few and far between with my three). So more often then not I just point the camera and shoot! I can just about remember what we were doing in every picture I have taken. Pictures for me are like a physical reminder of the memories and the stories behind each photo. We have captured some really great things and we enjoy looking at our family photos.

My kids also love to take pictures and often ask me to use mine. I know this is crazy, I have already had one camera bite the dust due to this. But they have a great time so I generally let them. I don't really know what they are taking pictures of until I upload them to my computer. But some of the funniest pictures have been taken by my kids. Its like looking through the eyes of a 11,5,3 year old. One day I was shocked to find pictures of my kids mid-air jumping over and on my living room couch. I first was thankful that no one was hurt but then had a really great laugh about it. They must have taken 200 pictures of themselves doing this. When I asked them about it they said that they were taking "action shots". To this day that has to be one of my favorite albums.
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