Tuesday, May 17, 2011

{Enjoy Lighting Flameless Candles}

One thing I love to do is decorate my house. I have a love for candles and you can tell that from every room is my home. However 90% of my candles go unburned due to safety and where they are located in the house. There are so many areas in my home that I use candles that would not be safe to light without moving. This becomes a total bummer because who doesn't love the look of a burning candle or two on the mantel. But what if you had a way to have beautiful candle light anywhere at anytime without having to worry about it?

Enjoy Lighting is your answer. I have been totally loving my Flameless Candles from Enjoy Lighting. I could not be happier with the quality of the candles. I have really enjoyed my nights with candle light and no worries. You can shop for Everyday Neutrals, Distressed Textured Colors, and Mottled Textured Colors.

They are very affordable compared to replacing burned candles and you have the peace of mind that the flameless brings. All are really beautiful and I am excited to try some of the others in the future! Here are some of the features.

• Astonishingly realistic 100,000 hour Triple-LED flickering light source.

• Available with Multi-Hour Timer Mode or Dim/Bright Mode.

• 300+ Hour Battery Life

I really love that they are battery operated. They really pay for themselves over time and are a great addition to any decor. Did I mention they also can be set on a timer and go off the same time every night? Yep they do that! Just set them and forget about them! This is one product I am really excited about and would recommend them to all of you!

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