Thursday, March 3, 2011

{Scholastic - Iditarod Info for Kids}

The Iditarod is the annual sled-dog-team race across Alaska where mushers and their dog teams race 1,161 miles from Anchorage to Nome. This year it's starting on March 5th. Lots of kids are fascinated by the adventure of it all and the awesome dogs and mushers that run the race. has a great Iditarod site for kids (probably 3rd grade and up) who would like to learn more about the race.

There is a section that lets the kids see more about the main points on the trail, some history of the race, a section with information about young mushers and the junior Iditarod, information about sled dogs and mushers, and some neat activities.  After learning about everything, kids can take a quiz. And there is a neat "be a musher" activity where kids make choices about what they would do it in the race.

You can find their site here: Scholastic Iditarod Info.

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