Tuesday, March 15, 2011

{Moon Dough Magic Zoo}

Have your kids played with Moon Dough yet? All of my kids are absolutely fascinated with Moon Dough. They can play with it for hours creating and having fun. One of Moon Doughs newest products is the Magic Zoo. It is a wonderful set that lets the creatures they create walk around! My kids love turning the handle and watching their animal walk around. Moon Dough has provided my kids so much fun while also letting them be creative. There are so many things that I love about Moon Dough products  and its awesome that it never dries out. It is really light and fluffy and super easy to work with. It is wheat-free, hypo-allergenic, and comes in 8 fun colors. It is not that bad to clean up, just dab a ball of it to collect more. Moon dough has many products available- You can find out more on their website!

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Moon Dough Magic Zoo. Magically create 3 different zoo animals that come alive and really walk! Make fences with the new "Popper" mold and build your own zoo! Set includes, 1 Magic Molding Zoo, 3 Wind Walkers, 3 Animal Molds, 1 Popper Fence Mold, 1 10oz Bag Purple Moon Dough, 1 10oz Bag Orange Moon Dough, and 1 10oz Bag White Moon Dough.

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