Thursday, January 27, 2011

{Lime Tree Cove}

Have you ever wanted to get that perfect line of the perfect amount of salt or sugar around the rim of your glass without waste any or making a mess?  Lime Tree Cove can help.  They have a great line of barware, cocktail spices and sugars, gift baskets, and the Barmaid Drink Rimmer.

Lime Tree Cove began when founder Tim McCaffery was asked by his fiancee if he could re-salt her margarita glass; he developed the Barmaid Drink Rimmer.  You simply wet the rim of your glass with a fruit slice, and then press the button as you move it around the rim. 

We got a chance to review the Barmaid and the Margarita Fiesta Sampler.  It's easy to use and you can control the amount of cocktail spice that you get on the rim.  You get perfectly rimmed glass with no mess and no waste.  I love it.  It's totally fun to use and neat to make awesome looking drinks.  And if you sip all the salt or sugar off before you finish your drink, putting more on is no problem.

I love the cocktail spices that they have.  We got to try the Margarita Fiesta Sampler and it's awesome. It's got sea salt, lemon sugar, spicy chili salt, and tangy lime salt (my favorite). The best part is being able to make the fancy-restaurant looking drinks at home.  They've got tons of great spices including sampler packs and even a Valentine's Day set that includes Chocolate Raspberry Sugar and Cinnamon Cocktail Sugar.  The next one that I want to try is the Sweet Mint Cocktail Sugar (sounds like it would be awesome on the rim of a mojito) You can also find tons of great recipes on their site like watermelon margarita, mulled cider, and blackberry mojitos and lots more.

Lime Tree Cove's items would make awesome gifts or hostess gifts or would make your next party awesome.

You can connect with Lime Tree Cove on facebook or twitter or stop by their website.

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We received a Barmaid Drink Rimmer and a set of Cocktail Salts in exchange for our honest opinion. 
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