Saturday, December 11, 2010

{Snowline - Free Online Game}

My kids frequently come home from school with the names of websites with games that they get to play during free time. There is a free online game at (great site!) that my kids just love to play around this time of year. It's called Snowline. It's kind of a strategy, trial-and-error type game. My kids work together to try to figure it out and they even get along while playing it! lol

The story behind the game is that the reindeer had hiccups and have accidentially scattered presents across Europe. Santa is trying to collect up all the presents while the reindeer are taking the day off to get better. You draw lines of snow with the mouse that help guide Santa to collect all of the presents. Each of the levels have different challenges and obstacles and you need to figure out how to draw the lines to get Santa's sled to move where you want it to.

My kids have a great time redrawing the lines and trying new strategies to help Santa collect the presents. I have fun playing it too.  When someone is playing, we usually gather around the computer and try to offer ideas.  We laugh when things don't work out quite right, and cheer for Santa as he reaches the finish. It's free online Christmas fun!

My daughter says that I have to include a tip for the "Snowtrain" level in this post because it's a frustrating level.  She says once you get the lines drawn, click the "go" button when you see the train because then it's gone when Santa gets there.  If you don't time it like that, you can't get past the train.  ( It will make sense when you get to that level. :-)  )

You can find Snowline here.   Happy Holiday Fun!

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