Wednesday, December 1, 2010

{Sites We Love - Shelfari}

I used to love to read, but after I had kids my reading was limited to parenting magazines, medicine bottles, and Green Eggs and Ham. Now that my kids are getting a little bit older, I'm thrilled to have a little time to read things that I want to read - not that I don't love reading Green Eggs and Ham forty times a day :-)

I wanted to tell you guys about an awesome free website for book lovers called Shelfari. You make your virtual bookshelf which displays books you’ve read and books that you want to read. You can mark your favorites and mark those that you own. It also has a rating and review system.  If you check out a lot of books from the library, or loan (read: give) your books to friends, or donate the ones you finish, it is really easy lose track of what you have read.  Since I check out most the books I read from the library, I love using Shelfari to keep from loosing track of what I've read.

You can also use Shelfari to find books to read.  There is a great online community where you can add "friends" who share the same taste in books that you do and get their opinions and recommendations. There are discussion groups. They also have ranking systems to see what books are currently popular.

I love having a virtual shelf that even shows the cover art of the books.  And they have a widget maker that lets you display your bookshelf on your blog or other website. You even get to pick the type of wood that your bookshelf is made out of. How cool is that!

If you love books, Shelfari is definitely worth checking out!

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Kelly said...

What a great site and a great idea! I so wish I have more time to read...someday I hope. :)