Thursday, November 4, 2010

{Panama and Fedora Hats}

A hat is just hat? Well i don't think so. I absolutely love hats. I mean i cannot think of a more awesome accessory for everyone! From keeping the sun from your eyes to a making a fashion statement hats are everywhere. I recently was able to learn more about Panama Hats. Have you heard of them? They are woven from the sustainably harvested young leaves of the panama hat palm. The hats are durable and can also be rolled up and still keep their shape. With so many interesting colors, shapes and patterns i think i would have to have more then one. They are available for men, women and children.
If you are loving these hats as much as i am then do also check out a few of these really awesome Fedora kids hats. I am so in love with these. I would totally love my son to rock these little hats. Fedora Hats are usually made of wool or felt and also come in many patterns, colors and styles. They have so much personality and style and have a very classic feel to them which i totally love. They are also available for men, women and children.

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