Saturday, November 20, 2010

{Bakugan - Review}

Everytime that I think that Bakugan can't possibly get any cooler, they do! I'm sure you're familiar with Bakugans. They are the ball-shaped miniature figures that pop open when rolled onto a special metal card.  They are used in a strategy game in which the player's bakugan battle to win the Gate cards. My kids love the figures and play with them even without playing the actual game.

We recently got the Dragonoid Colossus.  It is a red and yellow dragon-shaped combination of four pieces of battle gear (which each have their own G-power amount) and an exclusive Battaliz Dragonoid Bakugan.  I love the way it pops open and how it incorporates the smaller-size marble bakugan in the center.  My son loves bakugan AND loves dragons so this was PERFECT for him!  I think every boy's (and many girl's) reaction when they see these is "Whoa! Cool!"  Even as a Mom, that was my reaction. They are really impressive looking.  If I was having a battle, I'd definitely want one of these on my side, lol.

They work in the same spring-open way that regular bakugans do, but they are even cooler. You assemble the spring-loaded pieces called Battle Gears onto the Transformation Hub which is the main part. It stays in a closed position until you put the Dragonoid Bakugan in the center. Then it springs open into in a large dragon creature. The way it pops open is really neat. Each battle gear also can be attached individually to the "marble" bakugan.  Very cool! This one is definitely going to be on Holiday gift lists everywhere!

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