Monday, November 8, 2010

Adrenalin - Gift Ideas

To me, the things in life that are the most memorable and most important aren’t the things you get, they are the experiences that you have - that special trip or that amazing thing that you got the chance to try.  I know  I’ll never forget the time I got to SCUBA dive with sharks.  With experiences, it’s often the most adrenaline producing ones that are the most powerful and can change the way you think about your life and yourself.

We have come across an awesome site that offers just such experiences.  It’s called Adrenalin. They have the most awesome gifts ideas ever!  It's an Australian company that offers Australian and International experiences - from mild to extreme. The general categories they offer are Motorsport, Air, Land, Water, Wellbeing, and Gourmet, but that doesn’t even seem to cover the wide range of things they offer.  They have an amazing variety of experiences: race car driving, flying a jet fighter, extreme 4x4, hot air ballooning, swimming with crocodiles, trapeze lessons, recording studio experiences, kayaking, golf lessons with a PGA golf pro, gourmet cooking classes and much much more!

Right now, they have a 30,000 dollar Christmas giveaway going on, in which the top prize is a Private Fiji Island Escape for 4 people.  How cool would that be?

They have marked all of their experiences with an intensity rating from 1 to 5.  They offer many calmer things that would be amazing.  There are romantic scenic flights with a romantic beach picnic, balloon rides, a tall ship twilight dinner cruise, and chocolate making classes, wine tours, and more.

Many of the higher adrenaline ones are the ultimate Christmas gifts for men  (Yep, the Holidays are coming) - things like driving a monster 4x4, diving with sharks, forward abseiling, driving sports cars, and flying a jet fighter.  Many of these are once-in-a-lifetime type things that would create an amazing memory - not to mention being something he could be proud of (and brag about) forever!  lol.

There are an amazing amount of things that would just be an absolute dream!  There are even weightless parabolic flights and Antarctic and North Pole expeditions.  I could spend hours on their site looking through and daydreaming about all of the different activities! Stop by and check out Adrenalin and see which are your favorites!

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