Thursday, October 21, 2010

{Flower and Ribbon Wand Tutorial}

I made this Ribbon and Flower wand to match my daughters Halloween costume. She is a Monarch butterfly so i knew it had to be beautiful and full of color! It was really easy to make and can also be made to match with any color you need. I also think this would be great for a fairy costume or just for fun. You can embellish them with anything. I chose to embellish mine with black hand tied bows. It matches perfectly and came out wonderful!

Here are the few things you will need.
Foam Balls(Any size you want, mine are 4inch)
Fake Flowers
Wooden Dowel
Glue Gun
Ribbon to wrap the dowel
Choice of embellishments
I chose to start with my dowel and wrapped it in a sheer bright yellow. I wrapped from bottom to top trying make it as nice as i could. I hot glued the ends of the ribbon to secure to the dowel.
I am loving this wand at this point so on with the flowers. I chose oranges and yellows to match her costume. I did not arrange them in any particular order. I hot glued each one on(Let glue cool a little on flower before placing on foam-it melts it).
I filled all the spots in and even added a few fake leaves for color. I then put the dowel about half way and hot glued. I then took some of the yellow ribbon and made a long bow at the top of the wand. But it still needed something when i was done. I decided to add some ribbon.
I hand tied about 20 bows in black. I placed them in various areas of the arrangement. I also included bows on the ribbons that dangle down from the bow on the dowel.

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journeyward said...

This came out adorable!!! hmmm...I'll be receiving some great ideas from you. Thank you.

xoxo Journey Ward xoxo

when you get a free moment, sip coffee and come journey with me. I'd love to see you there.

Kelly said...

What a great idea. Nice job!
And she is adorable in her costume!

Self Sagacity said...

How smart, I love it! So simple, but I'd never thought of making a flower wand...nicely done.