Saturday, August 21, 2010

{Gatorade’s “Beat the Heat” campaign }

Gatorade’s “Beat the Heat” campaign is in full swing and i am so excited to help spread the word. With so many kids and adults playing sports it is so important that you stay hydrated. It is a major concern of mine with my kids and something i am always aware of. We our outdoors most of the summer in horribly hot conditions with my husband racing. Gatorade is always my choice for drinks for my kids and my husband.

    * Moms play a key role in keeping their athletes safe, so Moms need to understand that young athletes may be at greater risk for heat-related illness and know the ways to prevent it.

    * Water isn’t enough. While fundamental, water alone does not hydrate and refuel as effectively as Gatorade.

          o Gatorade supplies the proper amount of fluid, electrolytes and carbohydrates to rapidly put back what your young athlete loses in sweat and provides energy to keep them going.

          o In drinking water, the brain may turn off the perception of thirst before the body’s overall fluid needs are met and stops the athlete from fully rehydrating.  The electrolytes in Gatorade help maintain the stimulus to drink so athletes drink enough to replenish and refuel .

    * Equipment makes a difference - wear light net-type jerseys, T-shirts and shorts, change sweat-soaked clothing, avoid wearing excess clothing, remove helmets when not playing and remember to stay hydrated.

    * You can help- download a free Gatorade Heat Safety Kit found at For every unique download Gatorade will donate $1 to “Beat the Heat” charities up to $20,000.

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Gatorade’s “Beat the Heat” campaign and received Gatorade samples to facilitate my candid review. Mom Central sent me a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

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