Friday, May 21, 2010

Social Parade Important Updates (Going To Fridays)

Up till now Social Parade focused on different things every week. I received tons of feedback via email, comments etc.. I even noticed all the loyal Social Parade peeps that haven't missed a link up. You all are great. We have new linkers every week and I thinks its important to keep it consistent. With the few polls and things i have seen that, following a blog is the best way to conduct a "Social Parade". People like it, its easy and its an important resource to any blog. And that is why Social Parade is making a few changes and updates.

   1. Social Parade will post on Fridays instead if Wednesdays and promote the following of blogs by Google friend connect. This seems to be the most desired and enjoyed. This will be the main focus.

2. We will have wild card days where we will focus on Twitter, Facebook etc..

3. This linky is monitored and freed of any links that go to giveaways, double entries or blogs that are linking up to their blog hop or one like this.

4. I want this to be the most fun way to engage and get new readers and find great new blogs. Thats the reason for 1,2,3.

5. There are many link ups available to link and run, this is not the one. I am amazed at the gals the participate every week . They are happy, fun, commenting blog hoppers and its because of them i sent this high standard!

6. We have a new look for the Social Parade Button! Grab one:)

Question- Do I have to post the Social Parade Button?
Answer- Only if you want, But feel free to grab as a weekly reminder to Social Parade!

Question- How do i participate?
Answer- Visit the participation portion of the post and follow directions.

Question- Why am i not receiving any new visitors or followers?
Answer- Did you make a post? Did you follow anyone else and leave your link in a comment? Was the linky the current one?

Question- Do I have to follow everyone?
Answer- No, follow as many as you like and be cool enough to follow up on any comments you receive while participating in this bloghop.

Question- How many hostesses are there for Social Parade
Answer- One

Question- When does the fresh post get made?
Answer- Thursday evening or Friday Morning!

Question- Why so serious? Isn't this supposed to be fun?
Answer- The short answer, because it sucks to link up to your favorite blog-hop to only find out that no one monitors the linkys. Full of crap links to giveaways or people that link and run! I have even seen porn sites or sites that are not blogs at all!

Linky Q and A

Question- Where is my link?
Answer-  Well if you do not see it after refreshing, do not panic. Refresh again. Linkys have a mind of their own at times:)

Question- Why did you delete me?
Answer- Maybe the link was to your blog hop or bad, old post, not linked, or human error on my part:) Are you following this blog? That is required!

Question- Crap!?! I double linked up.
Answer- Do not panic, i will fix it! We all do it:)

Question- Can i grab the code?
Answer- I am working on that.

Question- Are there sponsors for Social Parade Link-up?
Answer- No- But not opposed to offering you guys a giveaway for linking up!

Question- I cannot find my answer! What to do?
Answer-Hit the contact button in the linkbar:)

DO's and DONT's

Do enjoy your time linking up!

Do return comments while participating in Social Parade


Rain said...

I feel like an idiot that I still don't really get the blog-hop idea.

Brooke said...

Does "linking up" simply mean I posted the button on my blog post? and then entered my info on this site?
Don't feel bad Rain...I'm confused too! :)

J.Anderson said...

Yep that is right! It can be fun. The more you participate the more fun it is.

Jeannie said...

I am lost too!! Maybe there needs to be a BLOG HOP 101, Blog help for dummies type thing!!

beebun said...

I would love to participate but this seems so complicated. The instructions have completely lost me with all the "linky" "bloggy" jargon. Link here post there comment here, I'm lost!

Just a newbie to the blogosphere here. Here's my email address if anyone wants to explain all this to me in English:

Saveatunity said...

OK I am social parade challenged as well you are all not alone. I need the blog hop book for dummies also. HELP !!!!!!!! I try all the time

Saveatunity said...

I hope I am doing this right lol

Teresa @ ♥ TOO MANY HEARTBEATS ♥ said...

I'm sorry but I just don't get this at all. I would like to participate, but I do not want to have the same post about the same blog hop every single Friday. I would definitely lose readers who are absolutely not interested in blog hops (and there are a lot of them!)

I am very dedicated to several blog hops and I do not ever 'hit and run'. I have the blog hop buttons that I visit, and link up to, posted on my right side bar at all times. Then, each week I visit lots and lots of bloggers who have linked up. I read at least one of their posts (sometimes more) and then I leave a meaningful, personal comment.

I just can not dedicate my entire Friday post each week to just ONE blog hop. I think that is a little extreme. Of course, you probably don't care if I do or don't, but I just thought I'd share my thoughts with you.

Good luck to you and have a wonderfully blessed weekend!

Teresa <><

sskcraftshop said...

I follow you and thanks for the bloghop link

Debs Dealz said...

Hi, I am a new follower via GFC from the Social Parade Hop!

Please visit me and follow back! Also like me on FB also, if you like.

Thanks! Debbie