Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ruby Slippers Review

Handmade is such a wonderful thing! I love it when I find something handmade that is wonderful like the baby and toddler handcrafted shoes at Ruby's Slippers. I was completely excited about my son Skyler trying a pair. He was a really late walker so at 20 months now the little guy has only one pair of real shoes. I have always let him go in socks on short trips in the car, because he takes off the bulky store bought shoes almost immediately:)
When I got these they went on his feet and didn't come off until bath-time. And then they went back on before bed. He slept in them. I couldn't believe how much he loved these. They were soft, light weight and and had robots on them! What more could my little guy want? Well he has wore them daily since then. When I go on short errands we use these. When were in the house they are on his feet. When we play on the patio, they are there too. He wont let them out of his sight. Needless to say after the first week they were DIRTY! And even had substances that I can not mention on there(He is a Boy and a Baby). I washed them with all of the other stinky boy stuff, and they came out softer and clean! I love that they went with most of his outfits and were a fun print.

They are so durable, and the detail in the stitching is awesome. She was a pleasure to work with and even took his chubby feet into consideration when making him his pair. They came packaged perfect for gift giving or for your own baby. I hope you will visit Ruby's Slippers for the comfort of your little ones feet.

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