Saturday, January 9, 2010

"Grab A Button" - How to Add a "Cut and Paste" Box to Your Blog

"Cut and Paste" boxes, using an "html textarea," work great to add "Grab a Button" Code to your blog.  It lets you put your button code into a box that your followers can highlight and copy.  (This "how to" assumes you already have your button code.)
Before making any changes to your blog, you should do a full backup of your template and widget code.

You put the code for your button in between the text area tags:

<textarea rows="3" cols="30" style="overflow: auto;">



We like to put this "cut and paste" box just below the code for the button so that our visitors can see the button that they are going to get when they cut and paste the code.

The Details
Adjust the rows="3" to control the height
Adjust the cols="30" to control the width
style="overflow: auto;" controls whether you see a scroll bar or not change "auto" to "hidden" to hide the scroll bar

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