Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sight Word Path - Game for Kids to Study Sight Words

This is a twist on the standard flashcard method and worked well for my son to get those first 100 words.  (What are Sight Words?)

Instead of just flipping through the flashcards over and over, he takes the words that he knows and lays them out to make a path down the hall. We go through the couple of new words that we are adding a few times (the regular flashcard way) until he starts to “get” them. Then, we mix them in with the others in the path.

He chooses his favorite toy (usually a car or a little plastic animal) and the toy drives/walks/hops down the path and reads each word as it lands on the card.

We make a big deal over how long the path is getting and, wow, if he keeps practicing it will go all the way down the hall. He loves this. He practices so much longer and with a much better attitude than if it were just flipping through the flashcards the normal way.

The toy also “reads” the words as it picks up the cards when we are finished. (Extra practice and clean up all in one!)

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Tip-Tops said...

I took your idea and added a twist! I hope you don't mind.

:0) Great idea!

Mel said...

What a great idea! I'm following from MBC!:)