Thursday, December 10, 2009

{Hand and Feet Reindeer} – Kids Christmas Craft Project

This is a simple and fun Christmas craft project that requires very little supplies.  The reindeer are made from construction paper using your child's, or your own :-) , hand and foot prints.

The kids love doing this as a family project where we each make one. They love hanging mom and dad reindeer and the kid reindeer on the wall. It’s fun to see the personality that each of us give the reindeer. Some years the kids have made hats and scarves or earrings or used the “googly” eyes from the craft store.

I love these because the kids make one each year, and it’s neat to see how their reindeer “grow” from year to year as they get older.


Construction Paper, pencils, makers or crayons, scissors and glue


1. Trace your child’s foot on a piece of construction paper. (the reindeers face)
2. Trace each of your child’s hand on construction paper. (the antlers)
3. Glue the antlers (handprints) onto the bottom side of the face (footprint)
4. Use crayons or markets to draw the face.
5. You could also have fun adding yarn, sequins, or other embellishments.

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Jennette said...

I am loving this Kelly, Keep up the great crafts!

TheNikiProject said...

That is so stinking cute!