Saturday, December 19, 2009

Gift Tags, Product Tags Any Kind of Tags Tutorial

Before sewing and a few years before my youngest I loved to scrapbook. Nothing serious just a few here and there. I have had a scrapbook stash for years put away until this afternoon. I got it out and found some really cute scrap booking paper and and decided on making a few things. I made some really cute and unique tags.(Or at least I like them)!

Its hard to come up with your own product branding without spending a fortune. So I decide to make some handmade tags to go along with my handmade items. But I didnt stop there I also found some other really great uses for these. Like I used them for Holiday tags that with simple paper and time can be a great bonus to that gift your giving this year.
I am thinking these are worth the time and the money you will save on tags would surprise you. You can use these for birthdays,christmas, branding, inserts or anytime some uniqueness is in order!
I have never really made anything like so I decided to give it a shot! I took some cool pictures and will show you how I did it.
What you will need
*Label Template(Find them for free on google)
*Glue Stick
*Hole Punch
*Scrap booking Paper with light colored designs
*Solid contrasting cardstock
*Helps to have a ruler

So I used a general label template that with finished size was about 2 inches tall and 1.5 inches wide. Your message can be anything. Happy Holidays, Happy Birthday, To: Fr:, Thank You, Label for your handmade items. You will want to trim or make sure your printer is set for the designed paper or trim it to standard printer size as I did, I also used a border around each one. More to help me with cutting more then anything.
The label templates are cool because you can make different things on each label and print multiple sayings on one page . The only limit is your creativeness.

Cut out all label or tags. I used a contrasting cardstock black in my case and used a ruler and cut out black squares that were 2.5x2, used a glue stick and lightly glued to contrasting card stock.
Here are many examples of how I use these. I used them on a simple yet fun blank card and used the thank you tag as a special personal touch. I used them as unique holiday to and from tags. I made brand tags to bring a little more to my handmade items. I even made some simple yet festive Happy Holidays one.


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Kelly said...

Cute. I love these. So many different uses!

Biddy said...

Nice and easy..something I would probably work on when I'm bored....