Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Creation Box

Creation Box - Kids Craft IdeaMake a “Creation Box”  You fill a large box with left over containers, cereal boxes, paper towel rolls, beans, yarn and any other interesting recycled stuff. Then, when it’s time to create, you give the kids glue, tape,scissors (if age appropriate), crayons and markers and encourage them to use their imaginations. This idea comes from my son’s classroom.  They have a box like this and the kids absolutely love it!  They even use it as a reward for earning good behavior points.

Some kids might need a little encouragement at first, but once they get creating, they usually really enjoy it. And the ideas never seem to stop flowing! It’s great because it encourages creativity and lets them re-use things -- oatmeal jars become “rockets,” boxes and tubes get put together with beans inside to become musical instruments, paper towel rolls become binoculars.

The Creation Box makes a great occasional or rainy-day activity or even a reward.

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Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

I always had a tub of stuff like that for the kids to dig into. We called it the rainy day box since they were only allowed to use it on rainy afternoons. I called it the sanity bix because it would keep them busy for a hour when I needed it most.