Thursday, December 17, 2009

{Christmas Kid's Craft - Reindeer Food and Holder} + (printable)

This  is a fun Christmas Craft of  reindeer "food" to sprinkle on the lawn for Santa's reindeer to eat, and a cute little reindeer holder to hold the bag of food until Christmas Eve.  Here's instructions for both projects:

Reindeer Holder to Hang onto the Reindeer Food 'til Christmas Eve

This reindeer holds your bag of reindeer food until Christmas Eve.


• 1 piece of construction paper (brown or tan or funky reindeer color of your choice)
Smart and Trendy Printable for eyes, antlers, etc
• Crayons or markers, scissors, glue, tape


1. Fold the construction paper lengthwise, and cut down the center.
2. Fold in the corners at one end
3. Make a fold about an inch down from that
4. Print the Smart and Trendy Moms Reindeer Food Printable (click here for the printable)
5. Color and cut out the pieces on the printable.
6. Glue the pieces onto the reindeer (antlers are glued behind so they stick up over the back)
7. Tape the bag of reindeer food into his mouth so the reindeer can hold it until Christmas Eve when it's time to spinkle the reindeer food on the lawn.

Reindeer Food

You leave cookies out for Santa every year. Why not make some “reindeer food” to sprinkle on the lawn for Dasher, Dancer, and the rest of the team?

Here is the recipe:

• 1/4 cup oatmeal
• 2 teaspoons of cake decorating sugar ( It’s coarser than regular sugar. You can also use glitter – it looks pretty, but it’s not as environmentally friendly)
• a paper heart for love (a heart printable is included in the reindeer holder directions)

Add the ingredients to a plastic sandwich bag and shake to mix.
Then on Christmas Eve, you head outside before bed and sprinkle it on the lawn for Santa’s reindeer to eat.

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Crystal~*~Cinnamon Hollow said...

This is so cute! we make reindeer food every year and now we can have a holder for it too! thanks. Crystal - following from MBG friends following friends. Merry CHRISTmas!

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