Sunday, November 22, 2009

Blue Ridge Gypsy Studio Review

If you are anything like me you care about your skin and what you put on it. I find myself looking at ingredients more and more as I am getting older. I love to find products that use natural ingredients. Blue Ridge Gypsy Studios products contain just that.

They use natural oils and butters that are selected for their healing, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and nutrient properties.They also use certified organic ingredients whenever available.

All products distributed by  Blue Ridge Gypsy Studio® are designed and formulated by owner and practicing pharmacist, Julie Hilton, who has over 30 years experience in compounding and natural skin care. “I started the Studio in 2000 when my husband and I moved to the Blue Ridge of Virginia. Our friends were calling us “gypsies,” so the name evolved naturally.”

Naturally occurring vegetable oils and butters contain indigenous nutrients, antioxidants, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), and antibacterial agents that petroleum-based oils just don’t have. Natural oils absorb into the skin and do not feel greasy. They also come from replenishable sources, which is a great environmental concern.

The products created for Blue Ridge Gypsy Studio are formulated to be safe, effective in soothing your skin, and affordable. If you are interested in products with no fragrances or colorants, please shop at! Both Skin Free products and our original Blue Ridge Gypsy line use only the finest natural oils and butters in our formulations. Blue Ridge Gypsy products are scented with pure, organic essential oils.

Julie sent me a few really great products to try, Rose Shea butter soap, Tuscan Lavender Shea butter soap, Mandarin Vanilla liquid soap, Grapefruit Geranium Sugar shrub.
They arrived beautifully packaged and smelling great. I really like how each sent is different but really natural smelling. Their soaps left my skin soft and clean. Its really hard to fit that many great products into one hygiene routine but I did and love the sugar scrub. I thought all her products I tried were great.
You can visit Blue Ridge Gypsy Studios and get some of their great products.

Thanks so much to Julie from Blue Ridge Gypsy
I received items to review in exchange for my honest opinion.