Saturday, November 14, 2009

What are Sight Words?

Sight words are words that your child needs to quickly recognize in order to read fluently. The “fry words” are a list of the most common sight words ranked in order of frequency.  (There is also the Dolch list of 220 words, but our elementary school uses the Fry list.)

Most "fry" lists I’ve seen have a total of 600 words. The first 100 words on his list are the most common words and make up about ½ of everything that we read. So if kids learn to read these common words on sight, it makes reading so much easier for them.

My kids get bored with doing flashcards over and over, but repetition is what helps kids be able to recognize the words instantly. I found that I needed a way to keep the kids interested while learning. I will be posting some of the sight word games that have worked for my kids. Hopefully one or more of these will work your kids.

Sight Word Game Ideas
Sight Word Path
Sight Word Path - Dice Variation
Sight Word  Go Fish

More coming soon . . .

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